Very upset with Santa Fe Feed

Houston, Texas 1 comment

Very upset with Santa Fe Feed.What a horrible business.

They have sold a saddle of mine on consignment for $300 when I was wanting $700. No one called an asked me. I want my money and they are claiming it was because they had a bad employ. That is not my problem.

They need to own up to their mistake. But they are a crapy very mismanaged store. I would never buy or do any business with them.

I am in the process of suing them.I have tried on several phone calls to come to an agreement but they have been very rude and not accepting the responsibility for their wrong doing.

Review about: Pet Food.



I believe it!I cannot stand that store!

It is very dirty. They sell animals that at times are not well cared for. I have seen fleas and flies all over them before.

They put mini horses and donkeys in small pens where they can barely move.I have gotten a bag of feed with bugs in it, and they sold me the wrong sized flea medicine for my 16 yr old dog (extra large over 55 lbs & she is only 40 lbs)!

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